Drop It: Block Paradise dropping on June 22nd for Europe & Australia!

Hold on, doctor – don’t call it just yet! The Wii U lives on as Drop It: Block Paradise finally brings its unique brand of physics-puzzle action to the console!

Use the Gamepad to touch blocks, avoid hazards, and ultimately guide stars to safe ground in 150 levels across 5 worlds. The fewer blocks you remove on each stage, the better your score!

Go for 3-star rankings in Arcade Mode to unlock cool concept art, funky music CDs, and highly spammable Miiverse stamps!

The dynamic duo of Tip and Tap always have something to say! Tap provides helpful advice and friendly encouragement as you play, while Tip… doesn’t.

Tired of the dev-created levels? Stick it to the man by making your own in the Level Editor! Every background, song, and block type is available immediately, so you can jump right in whenever!

The Block Database lets you upload your levels online for others to play, as well as find other players’ levels using a robust search feature! (That’s right, you can search for levels by title, author, block types, etc. What Wii U game with a level editor wouldn’t include such a basic feature?…)

Theme of the Week events keep the fun going – create a level following special weekly guidelines and your level can be prominently featured in a special section of the Block Database!

Drop It: Block Paradise arrives on the Nintendo Wii U eShop on June 22nd for €9.99 / £8.99, so make the Switch back to your Wii U and get ready for some block-dropping action!

Attention North American players: Game is currently aiming for a early July release. Currently in Nintendo hands currently and we will hear back soon.

ZaciSa’s Last Stand New Paid Contest! June 2015 Edition

ZaciSa's Last Stand eShop Contest

To celebrate ZaciSa’s Last Stands brand new patch that not only improved the game in various ways but added a lot of new content to the game. I am now going to do a brand new eShop contest for the game! To make this a special event, there will be 4 winners! Each unique winner will receive a $20 eShop card code to be used on the Nintendo Wii U eShop.

How do you enter and win? Between now (June 20th 2015) and end of Saturday, July 11th 2015 (11:59:59 ET) play any of the current 12 maps listed below on Insanity Mode only and try to reach one of the four score goals without actually hitting it. Once you reach the Gameover screen, use the “Post to Miiverse” button to post your result to Miiverse. By doing so, this will show what map, mode and score you achieved.

What are the Scores you need to aim for? -250 thousand, 1.5 million, 25 million and 150 million. Yes, that 1st one is a negative number. Using the “Loan Bank” feature and not paying off the loan before gameover will result in points taken off, so use this to try to aim for that number! You will need to use wisdom to determine when it’s best to end the game early. Don’t forget the money you have left over does give you points! One last important info: Reach the exact score does not count. Meaning if you reach 1.5 million exactly, that score will be disqualified and you will have to try again. Only scores that are within 25% of the goal will qualify.

You may enter any of the different Score Goals as you wish and as often as you want to. Only your best scores will be counted, so feel free to enter as many times as you feel fit. Each Score Goal is limited to 1 unique winner. So you can only win 1 of the contests.

Mode: Insanity Mode
Eligible maps: All 12 Maps are allowed!
Scores To Aim For: -250,000 | 1,500,000 | 25,000,000 | 150,000,000.
Time Frame: 6/20/2015 – 7/11/2015
Award: $20 eShop Card (4 Possible Unique Winners)
Open To: United States & Canada users
How to Enter: Use “Post to Miiverse” on Gameover screen to post your score.