ZaciSa’s Last Stand New Paid Contest! June 2015 Edition

ZaciSa's Last Stand eShop Contest

To celebrate ZaciSa’s Last Stands brand new patch that not only improved the game in various ways but added a lot of new content to the game. I am now going to do a brand new eShop contest for the game! To make this a special event, there will be 4 winners! Each unique winner will receive a $20 eShop card code to be used on the Nintendo Wii U eShop.

How do you enter and win? Between now (June 20th 2015) and end of Saturday, July 11th 2015 (11:59:59 ET) play any of the current 12 maps listed below on Insanity Mode only and try to reach one of the four score goals without actually hitting it. Once you reach the Gameover screen, use the “Post to Miiverse” button to post your result to Miiverse. By doing so, this will show what map, mode and score you achieved.

What are the Scores you need to aim for? -250 thousand, 1.5 million, 25 million and 150 million. Yes, that 1st one is a negative number. Using the “Loan Bank” feature and not paying off the loan before gameover will result in points taken off, so use this to try to aim for that number! You will need to use wisdom to determine when it’s best to end the game early. Don’t forget the money you have left over does give you points! One last important info: Reach the exact score does not count. Meaning if you reach 1.5 million exactly, that score will be disqualified and you will have to try again. Only scores that are within 25% of the goal will qualify.

You may enter any of the different Score Goals as you wish and as often as you want to. Only your best scores will be counted, so feel free to enter as many times as you feel fit. Each Score Goal is limited to 1 unique winner. So you can only win 1 of the contests.

Mode: Insanity Mode
Eligible maps: All 12 Maps are allowed!
Scores To Aim For: -250,000 | 1,500,000 | 25,000,000 | 150,000,000.
Time Frame: 6/20/2015 – 7/11/2015
Award: $20 eShop Card (4 Possible Unique Winners)
Open To: United States & Canada users
How to Enter: Use “Post to Miiverse” on Gameover screen to post your score.

ZaciSa’s Last Stand $20 eShop Card Contest!

Now that the game has been out for nearly a month in North America for $2.99, it’s likely some of you have gotten quite good at the game. Let’s put your new skills to the test with a fun little paid contest.

For a $20 Nintendo eShop Card, the first person who receives a score of 500,000 and with a level of at least 25 will win during gameplay and before the game over screen. So this means you must reach this score without the help of the game over extra points.

Rules / How To Win:

Map: Space Station 001
Mode: Easy (since will be hard to tell which mode was used, we will just go ahead and use Easy for now)
Min Score: 500,000
Min Level: 25
When: During Gameplay on the “Overview” Tab only. This score is must be reached while your base is still alive.
Time frame: Previous high scores that have already been posted and that meet this requirement do not count, sorry! This contest lasts until someone has achieved the requirements and has won!

How To Submit Score:

Make a Miiverse post of the Gamepad or TV screen to the game’s community with both the score and level requirements in view. This cannot be the Gameover screen.

The first person to do so will win a eShop North American card for $20. Provide me your twitter info in the Miiverse post and follow me on twitter at @ZeNfAGames. Once this is done, I will DM you the eShop card code and you will officially be the winner! If you do not have twitter, I will attempt to message you the code via a private message in miiverse itself.

This contest starts now and goes until someone wins. Have fun!