ZaciSa: Defense of the Crayon Dimension! Launches Aug 20th in Europe with Special Launch Sale!

I am pleased to announce that ZaciSa: Defense of the Crayon Dimension! for the Nintendo Wii U eShop will launch in Europe, including Germany, on August 20th, 2015 for €2.99 / £2.29. To celebrate this special launch and as a way to help make up for the game being late to the European market, I am doing a special one week launch sale of €1.49 / £1.14. This Arcade style, Tower Defense game will be launching exclusively for the Nintendo Wii U.

ZaciSa: Defense of the Crayon Dimension! is a updated and improved version of ZaciSa’s Last Stand, which launched last year in North America. This updated version includes many improvements over the original North American launch version. This includes several new maps, game modes, weapons, enemies, online leaderboard, Miiverse integration, stable 60 FPS gameplay and more additions.


  • 12 Unique Maps
  • Indie cross-over with indies BLOK DROP U and PING 1.5+
  • Four Game Modes: Hard, Easy, Insanity and Endurance.
  • Local & Online Leaderboards
  • Miiverse™ Features
  • Local Co-Op
  • Off-TV Gameplay
  • 60FPS Gameplay
  • Hand Drawn Graphics

ZaciSa: Defense of the Crayon Dimension! is a simple, yet challenging, 2D tower defense game set in space. The main concept is that you have to defend your base from an onslaught of enemy ships that seek to destroy you and your way of life. To do this, you will deploy different Bot weapons, such as a Sentry or Bomber to destroy them before they get to your base. The game will start out easy enough – at least in theory – with only something small, like twenty weak enemies. Every level you survive will result in more enemies with increasing strength. You gain points and money for every ship you destroy, as well as a nice bonus at the end of each round. You use this money to not only build more Bots, but also different kind of upgrades. Can you survive the slaughter?

ZaciSa’s Last Stand 3rd Patch now in NOA Lotcheck

The 3rd patch for the game has now been submitted to Nintendo. This patch mainly is for smaller issues and fixes, but does also re-balance the game a little too.

Change log:

  • The game has been improved upon to allow for even smoother experience. Even more crazy moments, like multiple Tesla Coils and Triple Enemy spawns barely lag at all.
  • The maps: PING 1.5+, BLOK DROP U & Pollux System all have their starting money increased to allow for a better experience.
  • Bot Changes:
    • Tesla Coil now has slightly increased power.
    • Drone now has slightly increased power.
  • Bot Upgrades: Costs for upgrades are at a lower rate to allow for more upgrades. This only effects late stage upgrades, early level upgrades are still the same.
  • Game Over Changes
    • Money no longer provides as big of bonus to your score as it used to.
    • Max score bonus from leftover money is now capped as well.
    • Outstanding loans no longer hurt your final score as much either.
    • These changes provide some fairness to the game scores.

This patch is expected to be live and out in the world by early August.

ZaciSa’s Last Stand 1st Year Sales Analysis!


ZaciSa’s Last Stand is now officially 1 year old! It launched exactly 1 year ago on this date, July 3rd 2014. It has been an incredible year. Every single week of that year has been an excellent learning experience and I have learned a lot. With the 2nd patch now officially out and with a big positive reaction to it, I am looking forward to another exciting year!

Though there are no numbers associated with this chart, you can clearly get a good glimpse of how the downloads went at different points in time. Launch week was very packed with my game being 1 of 6 indie games. 2 of which were high profile games. Not to mention a big VC game as well. So as you can see, launch sales were rather lower then what I was expecting. Competition when you are unknown can be tough.

I also learned that Wii U eShop owners really love sales, and as you can see each sale gave the downloads a big spike. I also learned that the total number of game sales going on at one time will influence mine. For example, the 3rd sale (Thanksgiving till New Years) had many games on sale and resulted in fewer sales overall due to competition. On the opposite of this was the 4th sale (2 weeks mid Feb) which was the 1st $0.69 sale that got huge coverage and downloads, thanks a little due to fewer sales. The last and current sale, the 7th sale at $1.19, was during E3 and the craziness of that. During that time, there was at one point over 65 games on sale on the North American Wii U eShop. This resulted in a very crowded marketplace with little room to stand out. If you look closely at the very last week, you will see sales went up due to fewer sales.

Overall, I am quite happy with my game’s sales. It has been a very exciting ride and am looking forward to releasing even more games!

ZaciSa’s Last Stand Price Change and Future Plans

Now that ZaciSa’s Last Stand new patch and content is finally out in North America, the game’s regular sale price of $1.99 will be increasing to $3.99 to reflect all the new content and addition to the game. This new price will go live on July 30th, a little over 4 weeks from now. I have mentioned my interest in raising the price of the game occasionally for the last few months as well, but wanted to make this post official for all to see. So if you are currently interested in the game, you still have plenty of time to get in on the current cheap price before it increases.

Along with this new price change, I also plan to do fewer sales for ZaciSa’s Last Stand and other future games. Looking back over the last year, I ended up doing a sale essentially for 45% of the year. While this did lead to more sales and being noticed more often, I feel that in the long term this ended up hurting the game’s value overall. So I now plan to do only do occasional sales. For ZaciSa’s Last Stand in North America, I don’t plan to do another sale until at least late this year.

I am currently working on a new small patch for the North American version of the game that will fix minor bugs and other issues. This new patch will not add anything new, but will improve on the game. For example, the gameplay will be even smoother, even the more hectic scenes will become very stable and smooth. Another thing that has been changed is game balance. A few maps like PING 1.5+ and BLOK DROP U have their starting money increased. The Tesla Coil bot also has been slightly adjusted to make it a little more powerful. Bot upgrade costs has also been slightly altered so that later level upgrades will now cost less, allowing for higher level upgrades. Game over scores have also been changed too, the money you have left over no longer influences your score as much, and is capped off at a certain big number. For example, if you had $1 billion left over, it would only add to your final score the same as having $100 million left over. Bank Loans also no longer penalize you as much and are more lenient in game over. Both of these game over changes have been made to allow for more even and fair scores overall. This patch should be submitted to Nintendo within the next few weeks and should be expected for a late July or early August launch.

Even though I am now hard at work on my next big game, I am still planning a big patch for the end of the year for ZaciSa’s Last Stand in all regions. This new patch will feature a bunch of brand new maps, including a few new indie cross-over maps. It is possible this patch might include new bots and enemies, but so far the only thing I am sure about is that the patch will add new map and other changes. One new thing that will be added, is a new area called Challenges. This new area will take certain maps and give you a specific challenge to fulfill. For example, one such challenge might be to achieve a score of 100,000 on the map Space Station 001 by only using 3 Drones. Another new change will likely be the introduction of DLC for paid maps. These DLC maps will be an addition to the already planned free maps I will be working on. Each DLC map will be planned as big maps that are worth your time. Some DLC maps will actually introduce a new type of maps that I plan to call Big Maps. These will be more complex larger maps then what you are used to now. These large maps will require you to use more strategy and planning to stay alive. Price and details of these potential DLC maps will be announced at a later date.

ZaciSa’s Last Stand New Paid Contest! June 2015 Edition

ZaciSa's Last Stand eShop Contest

To celebrate ZaciSa’s Last Stands brand new patch that not only improved the game in various ways but added a lot of new content to the game. I am now going to do a brand new eShop contest for the game! To make this a special event, there will be 4 winners! Each unique winner will receive a $20 eShop card code to be used on the Nintendo Wii U eShop.

How do you enter and win? Between now (June 20th 2015) and end of Saturday, July 11th 2015 (11:59:59 ET) play any of the current 12 maps listed below on Insanity Mode only and try to reach one of the four score goals without actually hitting it. Once you reach the Gameover screen, use the “Post to Miiverse” button to post your result to Miiverse. By doing so, this will show what map, mode and score you achieved.

What are the Scores you need to aim for? -250 thousand, 1.5 million, 25 million and 150 million. Yes, that 1st one is a negative number. Using the “Loan Bank” feature and not paying off the loan before gameover will result in points taken off, so use this to try to aim for that number! You will need to use wisdom to determine when it’s best to end the game early. Don’t forget the money you have left over does give you points! One last important info: Reach the exact score does not count. Meaning if you reach 1.5 million exactly, that score will be disqualified and you will have to try again. Only scores that are within 25% of the goal will qualify.

You may enter any of the different Score Goals as you wish and as often as you want to. Only your best scores will be counted, so feel free to enter as many times as you feel fit. Each Score Goal is limited to 1 unique winner. So you can only win 1 of the contests.

Mode: Insanity Mode
Eligible maps: All 12 Maps are allowed!
Scores To Aim For: -250,000 | 1,500,000 | 25,000,000 | 150,000,000.
Time Frame: 6/20/2015 – 7/11/2015
Award: $20 eShop Card (4 Possible Unique Winners)
Open To: United States & Canada users
How to Enter: Use “Post to Miiverse” on Gameover screen to post your score.