Introducing ZaciSa’s Last Hand for the Nintendo Wii U!


Thanks to our awesome graphics artist, it is now time to reveal our brand new Nintendo Wii U title, ZaciSa’s Last Hand™.

In this thrilling sequel, ZaciSa has decided to give up his days as a space ace and instead play Texas Hold’Em with his former enemies. However, he has bet everything he owns, and is now down to his Last Hand™. It’s up to you to help him win back all his stuff. As a ZaciSa game, we knew players would expect some tower defense elements, so we didn’t put any in. Also, as far as I know this game will be the FIRST to support multiple Wii U GamePads. In order to accurately simulate poker, you must hold two GamePads in your hand at all times, each of which will have a card on it. Note that in multiplayer, you will require two additional GamePads for each person.


I hope you all look forward to playing it when it arrives exclusively in the Nintendo eShop on 6/31/15.

April Fools!