ZaciSa’s Last Stand Top 3 Average Paid Contest!

Starting today, Friday February 27th until Sunday March the 8th, I am starting a new paid eShop contest for ZaciSa’s Last Stand on the Wii U! This is a brand new challenge, called The Top 3 Average. Like previous contests this contest will be done via Miiverse. Your top 3 scores posted together will be combined and averaged together to get your Top 3 Average score. This score will be used and compared with others in order to decide who wins.

The Starting prize is $20 (USD Value)! This will be paid out in eShop credit and is open to all of North America, including Mexico, United States, & Canada! This prize will be paid out via PayPal if unable to secure a eShop card for the winner or if any amount is left over from the eShop Card.

For every 5 people that join this competition, I will add $5 to the prize pool (upto $50 total limit). If 15 people join, I will have a 2nd place winner half the 1st place. If 30 people join, I will have a 3rd place winner half the 2nd prize winner. So the more people that compete, the more there is to win!


  • Only Hard Mode Maps will count.
  • You must post at least 3 different Map Gameover screens to Miiverse to qualify.
  • These scores only count if posted within Friday February 27th until Sunday March the 8th.
  • You may post more then 3 maps scores and do so as many times as you want to to achieve higher scores.
  • You must post a new Gameover screen to Miiverse in a new post in the community.
  • This contest requires at least 3 different participants.

ZaciSa’s Last Stand – The Valentine Update Trailer

I am excited to announce that the next patch for ZaciSa’s Last Stand for the Nintendo Wii U eShop in North America is just around the corner! This new patch, which I am calling The Valentine Update, will feature many new and exciting features. This patch will be free to all users once it is released. It is currently in Nintendo lotcheck awaiting approval.

The Valentine Update includes:

  • 4 new maps! Two of which are crossover maps featuring indie games BLOK DROP U and PING 1.5+
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Miiverse Posting
  • Two New Enemies
  • New Bot Weapon – The Tesla Coil
  • 60 FPS Gameplay
  • 5X Game Speed. Speed up the game to extreme speeds!
  • Bank Loans – Extra way to stay alive with some extra cash. But you better make sure you pay back the loan if you wish to survive!
  • And Many many more!

To celebrate this new patch, I have made a brand new trailer! ZaciSa’s Last Stand is currently on sale for a crazy $0.69 sale!