ZaciSa’s Last Stand now on sale for $0.99 until end of October!

To help celebrate the upcoming Halloween holiday, ZaciSa’s Last Stand for the Nintendo Wii U eShop, is now on sale for $0.99, that makes it now half off! This sale will last until the end of October and resume normal pricing November 1st. Be sure to download now and take advantage of this lowest price yet while you get the chance!

ZaciSa’s Last Stand Demo submitted to Nintendo

The demo of ZaciSa’s Last Stand is now in the hands of Nintendo. Featuring 4 maps (Space Station 001, Hyperspace, Cir’ce Station, Twin Souls) with two modes (Easy & Hard) will give the player a short taste of what ZaciSa’s Last Stand has to offer. Each map will end after 10 levels are completed or if the enemy overwhelms the player and destroy’s their base. Leaderboards, Endless Mode, and other maps are available in the full version, now available for $1.99.

Release date of the demo will come at a later date once it passes Nintendo lotcheck.