ZaciSa’s Last Stand is now out for the NA Wii U eShop!

I am pleased to announce that ZaciSa’s Last Stand is now out in the North American Wii U eShop for $2.99. We even have our own game details page! Check it out.

Now that the game is out, I am currently working on a new update for the game that will feature improvements, new additions as well as a slight re-balance to the gameplay. I am currently also working with a new bot type, and at least 2 new maps. Planning to be done with this patch in a matter of few short weeks.

I also have already submitted to Nintendo the first small patch for the game to fix a few annoying bugs I found. This also includes slight rebalance as well to some bot types.

I will also begin work getting the game out in Europe by beginning the process soon. More details as it comes available.