New Twitter account

We now have our very own twitter account! Follow Us at: @ZeNfAGames

Now that our very first game, ZaciSa’s Last Stand, is getting closer to being finished, this website as well as any of our social media accounts will start to become more active. Currently the game is mostly finished, as far as the main gameplay coding goes. Right now we are working on applying graphics and looking to add sound effects and music to the game. Once some newly added graphics are applied, you can expect more updates about the game as well as how it’s currently looking.

Company is now offical

Now that the company documents is official, I figure it was time to set up a simple website for the company. As thus, I will over time be adding to this website, especially to the Games section detailing out current games that are out, coming out, or are in development.

At this point, the company main focus is making video games for the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Wii U. As thus we are licensed developers for Nintendo. We are planing out first title for the eShop for December or January of early 2014. Look in the Games sub-menu to look at what games we are currently making.

I will also continue to do my own game development diaries at my own personal blog, Greg The Gamer, though I’ll also do some official development updates here as well.